The Daily Herald’s Ad team as a whole for the month of June sold over $14,000 in annual new business from the program’s efforts.

In June, The Daily Herald’s advertising department top B&P achievers were:

Multimedia Account Executive – Toni Meeks – achieved the top sales producer award along with a monetary bonus.

Multimedia Account Executive – Toni Meeks achieved the Appointment Shark award, given for obtaining the most new client appointments during June and earned a monetary bonus for that honor. (Has to include Pulse Adseller on every call) 

Martha Neville received a $50 bonus for winning the fishing for business promotion. Fishing for business is our in office competition where all executives bring back their new business prospecting business cards and drop them in the sales department’s fish bowl for possible random draw selection at month’s end.

Join me in congratulating them both on a job well done!