Reporting Procedures for all Employees

The following procedures should be followed if there is a disruption to our normal business operations due to a natural disaster or similar emergency.

If a natural disaster, fire, power outage, or similar occurrence affects the newspaper and or our geographic area, employees are expected to contact the newspaper in the manner described below. Employees will be expected to report to work as directed.

It is our goal to publish the newspaper in as normal manner as possible. When in doubt, assume we will be working to put out the newspaper. We’ll need everyone’s’ help to do so.

Calling in

In cases of emergencies that affect the operation of the newspaper you must call in for directions concerning reporting for work in the following order:

  •     Call your supervisor
  •     Call the main newspaper number
  •     Call Wick headquarters in Sierra Vista AZ 1 800 777-9425.
  •     Select the “Employee Message Center” extension.
  •     Instructions for affected employees will be left at this extension.

Report your location and how you may be contacted. This should include a home phone or a phone where you are located, also a cell phone and email address if available. Speak slowly when giving us your numbers and email address.

You must call each day unless instructed otherwise. When calling in the second day and thereafter you need only tell us your contact information has not changed. If it has or you have moved, leave that in the message.

Instructions for employees will be provided by voice mail at any or all of these locations or at the Wick web site.

Go to as soon as possible. Instructions for affected employees will be posted at the Wick web site. View the site on a regular basis.

Reporting to work

Employees will be expected to physically report to work as directed.

To protect your employment you must follow the reporting and contact instructions issued by the company.