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Daily News serves Richland County, ND and Wilkin County, MN including Wahpeton, ND – Breckenridge, MN, which are nestled at the base of the Red River of the North on the North Dakota-Minnesota border. In the middle of one of the world’s most fertile growing areas- the Red River Valley, visitors passing through the area quickly notice the extremely productive farmland stretching for miles along the lake bed of the former Lake Agassiz. Many crops including wheat and other small grains, sugar beets, sunflowers, soybeans and corn, thrive in the area.

Daily News is a continuation of the former Farmer-Globe, Wahpeton; Valley Alert, Breckenridge; and County Press, Wahpeton.

Daily News is a member of the North Dakota Newspaper Association, Minnesota Newspaper Association and the National Newspaper Association. If you would like more information about the Daily News or would like to express an opinion or offer a story idea, contact Tara Klostreich, Publisher at [email protected]