Ken Bohl

Ken Bohl

Kenneth Bohl moved from Bismarck, N.D. to warmer climate and exciting challenges in Sierra Vista as the audience development director for Wick Communications.

He has been involved with the circulation side of the newspaper industry since 1986, managing multiple circulation departments in various states and cities, including Bismarck, Ukiah and Vallejo, Calif., as well as Flagstaff.

Bohl’s 32-year trajectory has given him “the experience to analyze problem areas and resolve them quickly and effectively.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority that I take very seriously,” he said.

His management style is hands-on. “I don’t spend all my time sitting behind a desk. I go out and take a look, evaluate and understand what is happening so that I know what I am talking about. I do delegate, but then I follow up and make sure that things get done,” he said.

And true to his word, the second night on the job Bohl had to throw a down route with Jeff Scott, whom he will be replacing.

Scott joined Wick 13 years ago when he was tasked with converting the Sierra Vista Herald, now the Herald/Review, from an afternoon paper to a morning daily.  Shortly thereafter he became circulation director for Wick. He has been reassigned to the Green Valley News/Sahuarita Sun as well as other circulation tasks within the company, but for now Scott will be training Bohl to ensure a smooth handoff.

One of the “biggest opportunities” is to more effectively market Wick newspapers, both digitally and in print by showcasing the wide array of products each offers, such as magazines and special sections, Ken said. The message should be, “Hey, there’s a lot to our newspapers that you are missing if you are not a subscriber,” he added.

Company CEO Francis Wick said, “We’re excited to have Ken Bohl join the Wick organization and assist us as we prioritize and focus our efforts on promoting and distributing the ‘daily miracle.’ We welcome him and his family to Sierra Vista.”  

Back in Bismark, Bohl’s family awaits the sale of their home, while he searches for a house in Sierra Vista. Bohl and his wife, Alicia will be celebrating their 25th anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 12. The couple has three daughters, RaVae, 21, Shelby, 19 and MacKenzie, 16.